Grafting wax



  • ACTYGREF : Wax for callusing after grafting.
  • CIRKA : Neutral wax for plantation after callusing
  • CIRFLEX : Flexible wax for plantation and storage (recommended for high temperature)
  • STARWAX : Special anti UV and IR wax for plantation (recommended for strong sunshine)

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Grafting Equipement

New product 2016 : Graftray

GrafTray is an exclusive long life hard plastic tray for grafted vines plants

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  • Grafting machines and accessories (knives and cutting bases)
  • Graftray : exclusive long life tray for grafted vines
  • Wax melters
  • Disbudding machines
  • Hot water treatment devices
  • Pruners
  • Hand-grafting tools

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Grafting Tapes



Greftape is a natural cotton fabric and waxed tape designed to maintain and protect the graft on the rootstock. It is self-adhesive and biodegradable. 

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Buddy Tape isTex an innovative tape for budding and grafting which was developedin Japan in 1985. It is a polyethylene self-adhesive tape. Its high elasticity (it could stretch 8 times its original length) improves the plant growth and graft take success

Those products are particularly recommended for grafting fruit trees, roses and ornamental plants.

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