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My name is Emmanuelle Douté.

I was born in France, in the Champagne region, close to Epernay, where, some years ago, my family used to making Champagne. I now live and work in Bordeaux. Seems my fate was closely linked to vines and vineyards ! 

I graduated from Bordeaux Kedge Business school in France, and the University of Humberside, in the UK. Since then, I have acquired experience in international sales and strategy .

After studying in England, I travelled the world and  lived in Prague, London, Berlin and Paris. I  eventually moved back to Bordeaux 8 years ago.

I  speak 5 languages (and a half!) : French of course, but also English, German, Spanish, Italian and Czech.

I gained experience in the nursery business after 6 years working as a sales export manager at CFCL,  a Bordeaux based company involved in viticultural supplies.

I visited all main nurseries in France, Italy, Spain and elsewhere in Europe but also in California, Australia, Chile, Argentina, South Africa,  Turkey and then got acquainted to vine nursery business.

After CFCL closed in June 2013, I decided to set up my own business, seizing the opportunity to enlarge the range of products to other grafting activities.

Wax and Grafts is world established in more than 30 countries

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