Waxed cotton tape for grafting


Indugref is an exclusive tape for grafting plants, fruit trees and vines. 

It successfully grafts avocado, cherry, apple, citrus, nut and kiwi trees.

The cotton tape is impregnated with microcrystalline wax, which enables to consolidate and protect the graft and especially the callus. It is used for reinforce the union between the rootstock and the scion and protect the graft from the air and water, which cause dehydration.

The wax actually replaces the paste which is usually applied after tying up the plants with a rubber or polyethylene tape. It protects the plant from dehydration. 

Indugref is used for all types of plants and grafting methods.



o  Ready to use and easy to apply.

o  Modulable, self-adhesive and biodegradable.

o  No tools needed, easy to cut by hand.

o  Degrades naturally after 3 months of use and totally disappears after 12 months. 

o  Economical :

  • Does not need to be removed like rubber tapes
  • No need to apply any paste or wax over the tape.

o  Adapts to any kind of grafts: cleft, T-budding, chip-budding,  whip and cleft grafting…

o  Ideal for young plants.

o  Perfectly hermetic around the callus thanks to the wax.


Buddy tape

Buddy Tape is an innovative tape for budding and grafting which was developed  in Japan in 1985. It is a polyethylene self-adhesive tape. Its high elasticity (it could stretch 8 times its original length) improves the plant growth and graft take success.
Those products are particularly recommended for grafting fruit trees, roses and ornamental plants.


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